Under Gail Succubus + Over Barbara Island

by Severed Heads

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While the Op series continued to serve as a musical periodical - momentary and under constant replacement, it had been a long time since a 'real' Severed Heads album. Haul Ass was released in 1998, and Gail came eight years later.

The distinction may seem unclear. Every Op album was created like a magazine, with care but quickly. If something isn't perfect then it's permitted and can be repaired some time later. Under Gail Succubus was a far more reflective process over some years and so has more density in common with Haul Ass then the generally cheery Op titles. It might be that this slow and steady recording is a relic, but the different processes offer different styles and that alone makes it worthwhile.

The album comes as Gail and Barbara - the latter is a live set that was thrown together quite quickly. If Gail doesn't satisfy then Babs has a lot of opposite on offer.


released January 1, 2006



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Track Name: Snuck
Itchy itchy itchy itchy itchy itchy fore head
Tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tooth brush
Birder birder birder birder birder birder catacomb
Nicer nicer nicer nicer nicer nicer lilly ad
Hoper hoper hoper hoper hoper hoper heart break
Naked naked naked naked naked naked soup bowl
Doner doner doner doner doner doner horse squats
Itchy itchy itchy itchy itchy itchy fore head*

Wear this hat and you will fly 1000 miles an hour
Wear this tie and you will spin, end feeling not so dour
I know these are such simple things and hardly magic carpet
You'll find them in the discount bin at your local Target.

* transcribed sleep talk, and the words might be wrong
Track Name: Lo Real
Up in the sky here comes the hand, the hand that writes for you, that writes for me. And what the hand is writing: "Lo Real".

And you can take that how you like.

I take that as the cars come crashing down, crashing down for Lo Real. Oh sail the sanguine seas from end to end, the world is red again, for Lo Real.

And you can take that how you like.

Up in the clouds, the mushroom clouds, the hand that writes is writing Lo Real.
Track Name: Three Doors
Here's a party that ended early
three doors down from the rest of life.
I felt a little tickle that came from the heart
I felt a little tickle that told me goodnight.
I'll never never tread these shores again
the call that comes, it comes tonight.

Here's a baby that parted early
three doors down from the rest of life.

Here's a story that's ending early...

By their teeth and toes
I know their angle
Strikes a higher pose
up in the firmament
Play their trumpets
so they call me over
Track Name: Inside the Girl
It comes from the breeze that flows from her hills
It comes from the seas that flow in her hills
It's taking it outwards
your hair in reverse
Nicer and nicer and finer and finer
And parts of the girl rotating in sympathy.

Parts of the girl:

and inside the girl
it's all that you wanted
something in fibreglass
it's cold to the touch
sequins unstable
but it ekes out a living
it's black and it's tan
the birthplace is broken
and inside the girl
an image in thirds by half

It comes from the breeze that flows from her hills
It comes from the seas
rotating in sympathy
Nicer and nicer and finer and finer.
Track Name: Psychic Squirt
Do you know the way to San Jose?
People waiting there wait for my rain.
Need a new head?
Or several new arms?
Here comes my rain to add to your charms.

Would you like to swing on a star?
Be a mobile phone or a car?
Or would you rather be a mule?

Do you know the way to London town?
Got a new theory coming on down.
Taking the menu, tear it in half.
Feet on the top and your teeth in your arse.
Track Name: Death Tickle
He is come to save us.

Bring your head down, close your eyes.
Ceasing breathing.
Arms and legs relaxed, shaped for journey.
Now you see the brightness, flowing under worthy pathways.
Glad to see you join us.
Join the chorus, it's forever.
It's forever.
Track Name: Takin' Out the Surfin' Bird
It's a marvel, shiny marvel
Take me out and show me all the sights, the pretty sights
Sights are coming
Teeth are coming
Teeth rain down and it's a marvel

Count my blessings, many blessings
Break my arm in fifty places
Break my arm in many places

People coming, people going
It's not slowing
Take my hand and we'll go shopping
We will find it, surely find it on the tables

It's a marvel shiny marvel
Take me there and leave me
I will never need it
Never need you
Never come back
It's a marvel.

Again and again with the chemical friends
Again and again with the television.

They're taking out the surfing bird
Satellites are bright tonight
Fixing in a new flashback
Bringing on a new wipe out.