Snowglobe (for Mac)

by Tom Ellard

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    Snowglobe is the first level in a computer game/album. Each play gives a new surround sound mix. Includes a soundtrack and game for Mac OSX. (PC version is also available).

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(Version 1.0.)

If music was once liquid architecture, it is now a liquid 'built environment', a living space that responded to people in its creation and responds to the immediate player. Playing music and games have separate goals, but there is much to gain by bringing them together.

Treasure Map 2 is a game - you can win, lose, move freely. But it is really an album of music that you can walk through at your leisure, at your own pace. The music is sometimes melodic, but more often a combination of incidental sounds that work together when you stand in a particular place in the virtual world.

There is a story to the landscape you will occupy, you are welcome to investigate it, or ignore it. Actions are rewarded, but you may enjoy doing nothing at all.

The game requires a recent computer with a decent graphics card. Headphones or good speakers are a must. Instructions are included.

The soundtrack is actually a clue book. Listen carefully and it will guide you to the exact locations where the treasure can be found.

OSX will not directly open applications not signed by a developer. If you launch the game and are presented with an alert that the app cannot be opened, right click the icon and select Open.


released October 8, 2016



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