Co Klo Pop

by Co Kla Coma

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markkil Co Kla Coma come to us from the fifties to visit the recent past. Given they were never truly present, could we say they actually ever existed? Or is it more the case, that in their forays through time travel they became trapped in a loop of nostalgia? Nietzsche would be frowning upon any attempt to garner success by playing to the tastes of a nation! Both surprising and playful - this is the best album Severed Heads never released. Favorite track: France Detonates Love.
Daniel Red
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Daniel Red Tom Ellard - Severed Heads
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On tour in 1990, Severed Heads arrived in Tulsa Oklahoma. In the parking lot outside the venue were two people that offered up a very strange idea. They claimed to be 'The Fifth Way Militia' and to have invented a religious technology in the form of a very low frequency signal, that in their words 'brings deep sleep followed by spiritual rebirth'. They needed some way to distribute this tone and the advent of compact disc was one way to get it out.

The idea was that Severed Heads would hide the tone on CDs which would then be broadcast. After some discussion it was decided that a new group called Co Kla Coma (said like Oklahoma) would distribute the tone.

The agreement was in trouble almost immediately. Tom Ellard went back to Australia and recorded a track for a compilation as Co Kla Coma. The others complained that it didn't include the tone and didn't include their ideas. So slowly and carefully an album was crafted from ideas and sounds sent down from Tulsa and approved track by track. Only when all were reasonably happy was the tone added into the mix.

The Co Klo Pop album was first released by Decibel Records in the USA in 1996. It wasn't widely distributed, and limitations of the recording equipment meant the tone didn't have the desired effect. But it turned out to be a curious album...


released October 1, 1996



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