Better Dead Than Head

by Severed Heads

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Yary Hluchan
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Yary Hluchan Heavy meta, painted from life. Post-op the pre-op. Vampires touched the skin, undertakers warmed the heart, and now we have this shiny liver.
theStark thumbnail
theStark Great stuff here. Nice to see this is available. Thanks for that. Been a listener for a long, long time, and nearly forgot about you. Then I found you. Then I bought you (again). Thank you. Seriously. Thanks. Cheers.
Delia Crittershire
Delia Crittershire thumbnail
Delia Crittershire Hey guys from those who love your music, you'll never die. I die for your music since I was very young even my little sister. None couldn't understand why 2 girls liked Severed Heads...WTF???!...No comments.
By the way, my sis and I we had the honour to see you playing in Antwerp.
All the best Favorite track: Dead Eyes Opened (USA 2015).
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2008 : Dead.
2010 : Sydney Festival. OK die now.
2011 : The Shape of a Note. Gary Numan says stay dead. Belgium again.
2013 : Adelaide Festival. Lie down damn you.
2014 : Stay the fuck dead.
2015 : USA. Shoot it in the head.
2016 : Poland?

I am here to tell you now that not one bastard could care whether we lived or died by 2008. The last recordings were in 2007 and so what. Make a box set in Germany. Die.

And then in 2009 Sarah Grieve said hello, there are young people who would like to know more about you. So just for them we REWORKED THE MUSIC and played Sydney Festival 2010 with the Reels and that was a fine thing. Then back into the coffin.

And then in 2011 Frazer Bourke said wouldn't it be fun to play with Gary Numan and we thought this was true, and WE REWORKED THE MUSIC so it was. And then our Belgian friends said come along and why not.

Gary said 'no more gigs after Adelaide'. (But we did a classical concert over in Penrith. That was a new thing.)

USA said hello, we said no.

Then in 2013 David Sefton said why not play the Adelaide Festival with your old mate Atom, and well Gary said that Adelaide was the last gig TECHNICALLY so why not, but this time the government is documenting it all because you have to DIE. Really. So WE REWORKED THE MUSIC.

USA said hello, we said no.

And then in 2014 we reissued our old records. And the USA said hello and we said oh for Chrissake OK just once and WE REWORKED THE MUSIC ALL OVER AGAIN.

And then every fricken country on the map (not North Korea) was on the blower about it and you ask yourself...

where we you all in 2008?

This is an album with all that REWORKED music, mostly from the practice sessions and the demos because that sounds nicer. Never before committed to your home stereo!


released September 18, 2015

Tom Ellard. Stewart Lawler. Ant Banister.



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